Most famous Colombian music artists

Over the decades, the Colombian art has been covered with huge array of styles and media that could be ranged from Spanish decorative devotional painting to the Quimbaya gold craftwork. Over the centuries ago, the Colombian art was created in the affluent variety of styles that provide an exciting impending into the area’s political as well as cultural past. Actually, the arts in Colombia are cultivated as well as created by the schools and conservatories in so many cities either in linking with the universities or separately by developing the number of concert galleries and halls as well.

Fernando BoteroSince, one of the most extraordinary Colombian artists is the Fernando Botero, who is a famous Colombian painter and sculptor as well. His art themes have reached beyond the regional tastes and also the temporal values to people in all over the world. Every year, there are numerous exhibitions conducted in Colombia that has never missed to reveal the Botero’s work to the vast international audience. Even though, most of his art works were inspired by audiences in the Colombian history and culture events. Besides that, the combination of Spanish, home-grown as well as African culture and music in Colombia is ultimately diverse.

Elegant Colombia art for print, poster and sale

The Colombian art was highly devoted to baroque style religious depiction. In earlier centuries, many unique styles of modern arts have started to emerge around. Even, many Columbian artists and painters have been influenced by the Mexican muralists. One of the most famous Colombian artists is Fernando Botero, who is well known for his big as well as exaggerated figures internationally. Even, you can found his popular sculpture in the Cartagena’s Plaza Santa Domingo. Apart from these, the dancing has also been an essential aspect of the Colombian cultures, so you can view a lot of contemporary as well as traditional styles performed.

Cartagena’s Plaza Santa Domingo

Popular local live artists in Colombia

If you love to enjoy the local music in Colombia, there are several good options available in the right next door. There are talented live artists in Colombia who are expert in piano, harmonica, guitar, drums and vocals to deliver an implausible combination of acoustic funkiness. They are expertise in playing the vast array of music such as their original songs and also their every performance is excellent. When you arrange the tours in Columbia, you would ever never miss to stops at your favorite local venues in Colombia. Definitely, the Columbian artists have a fresh twist as well as thrilling sound that are assured to leave you with an amazing feeling. These artists also combine several musical instruments to play simultaneously such as guitar, drums and vocals into some fantastic local tunes.


Hence, the world hot topics of the social and political reality are showing in Colombia. Also, you may have seen the world famous painter such as Botero’s art as well as his works that are displayed in all over the world with a huge success.