The most outstanding art galleries to see in Bogota

Tourists in Bogota, Colombia nowadays are amazed about the culture, art galleries, museums, architecture and other attractive things. They take note of the latest guidelines to explore this city and capture special things in their digital camera. They share their sightseeing experiences in the form of photos and videos every time they access their social media account during the tourism. They reveal the best suggestions to anyone who seeks things to do in Bogota. If you have a crush on the artwork, then you can focus on the following details about art museums in Bogota. You will be keen to visit top Bogota art museums one after another as per your schedule and interests to explore the artwork.


Nueveochenta is known by its modern Latin American art in two-story building. Artists use a distinctive opportunity to display their work though they are not legally represented by any dealer. Up and coming artists are keen to use this facility and show their art to the world. There are different spaces in this gallery like projects room, patio and garden. Shop and documentation center otherwise known as library in this gallery supports individuals to find out texts associated with the theory and history of art.

art galleries in Bogota

Instituto de Visión

Instituto de Visión is one stop destination to access and focus on the Colombian artwork as comprehensive as possible. This colorful building is established in 2014 and providing space for experimentation, research and exchanges of the artwork among local and international artists, cultural agents and markets.  The best works from legendary and historical Colombian artists make this art gallery renowned among artists and tourists.  Young local artists use this art gallery to get international recognition within a short period.

Rat Trap

Rat Trap is a distinctive and individual art venue. This art venue attracts everyone who has decided to look at the latest collection in art workshops, bar area and the large club.  Live music events entertain visitors to this art museum.

KP Space for culture

KP Space for culture is a modern art center and renowned for the most innovative style of artwork presentation. All visitors to this art gallery enjoy facilities in the bar and café. They use the terrace and other space in this building to hold parties. Artists with years of experiences in any genre of art these days display their art collection in this art center. If you wish to focus on the Colombian art history in detail, then you can visit this art center. You will get memorable experiences and be confident to suggest this art center to others.


Artists and art collectors wish to focus on the latest news about art galleries and art centers of very good reputation. If you visit Bogota and think about how to know about the history of Colombo, then you can visit the art gallery and look at the art collection. You will get the best guidance when you use reviews about art centers and tips to visit the art center.