EL PARCHE ARTIST RESIDENCY is a long-term project by El Parche. Focusing on the development of a wider networking with African and Latin American communities of artists, El Parche seeks to promote and collaborate with artist residency programs in these regions to stimulate art production and exchange knowledge.


Located in the barrio La Macarena, in the centre of Bogotá, EL PARCHE ARTIST RESIDENCY-BOGOTA is an open cultural space where artists and curators are invited to develop works and research.

Visiting artists and curators are integrated with the local artist community and receive assistance with the logistical aspects of their projects and/or research.
All artist residencies culminate in an exhibition produced by
El Parche.

During their stay, artists are to realize a project involving a local community, as one of the main interests of El Parche is the living experience that the residency offers to visiting artists.