El Parche is an Oslo based artist group formed by Olga Robayo, Herman Mbamba and Marius Wang.
Since 2005 the group has realized diverse installation projects that seeks to make room for new ways of perceiving and understanding different aesthetical and political experiences.

Collapsing Utopias

Museet for Samtidskunst, Oslo 2009

Untitled Primitives

Hovefestivalen, Tromøya 2008


Vigeland Museum, Oslo 2008


Oslo Kulturnatt, Oslo 2008


Kultivator, Öland 2007

Go Bananas

W139, Amsterdam 2007

National Geographic

UKS, Oslo 2006

El Parche

Bastard, Oslo 2006

Between Borders

Galleri 21:25, Oslo 2006

When freedom is outlawed only the outlaws will be free

UKS, Oslo 2005